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Old Master Q

Old Master Q Slots

Let it be said from the very outset that slots developers are a strange bunch. There are some extremely weirdly themed slots out there from developers you seem to have a hankering for the obscure. While some of these games don’t quite hit the spot due to cultural references that not everyone will get, others are downright weird, regardless of where you’re from or what you’re into. Old Master Q by Skywind is one such game.

On some levels, this game operates just like any other online slot. Features that come bundled with Old Master Q include free spins with super stacks built-in, two mystery features and no less than three progressive jackpots. So far so normal. Things do get a little stranger however once we start to discuss the graphical style that is deployed in this game coupled with the sound effects. It would be fair to say that you’ve never played a game quite like this.

Front of the Q

Gamblers who are familiar with cartoons such as the Beano, Desperate Dan or even The Broons will recognise the comic book style that has been used here. It’s one that harks back to a bygone age, possibly the 1930s or 40s, and features characters with odd hats, odd attire and bald pates in many cases. There appears to be some sort of Asian theme going on here judging by the traditional headwear sported by the protagonist, Q himself, but it’s hard to tell for sure.

One thing that can be said for certainty about this game is that you can bet some huge sums. In fact, betting can range between 2 coins to a max bet of 1,000 coins which is mighty impressive. There is an autospin option which can be set as high as 99 spins and there is a turbo option if you happen to be in a hurry. At the top of the board, you can see the three jackpots that are available, corresponding to three characters who appear in the game. There is the Old Master Q jackpot, there is Big Potato and there is Mr Chin.

Jackpot Old Master Q