Jet Set Racing Roulette – March 2023


Live Casino – Club Palazzo

Daily Wins Prize pool USD 50,000!

Qualified Games: “Jet Set Racing Roulette”

  1. This promotion program applies to all members with registered currency CNY, IDR, INR, KRW, MYR, THB, USD and VND.
  2. The Mystery Bonus promotion will run from 10th March 2023 until 19th March 2023, 10 days in total.
  3. Available to all customers, who will place a bet on the Jet Set Racing Roulette table during the Promotion Hours of the Promotion Period, as defined below.
  4. In the bonus round, only one out of all straight-up betting positions is picked by RNG system and highlighted in the user interface.
  5. If the player has a bet placed on the betting position picked by RNG – player receives a share of the bonus round prize as detailed below. The prize is divided equally between the winning players of that round.
  6. Prize distribution:
    DateRound amountGame times (GMT+8)Round prize*Daily prize*
    10/03/20231000:00AM – 10:00AM$500 USD$5,000 USD
    11/03/20231000:00AM – 10:00AM$500 USD$5,000 USD
    12/03/20231000:00AM – 10:00AM$500 USD$5,000 USD
    13/03/20231000:00AM – 10:00AM$500 USD$5,000 USD
    14/03/20231000:00AM – 10:00AM$500 USD$5,000 USD
    15/03/20231000:00AM – 10:00AM$500 USD$5,000 USD
    16/03/20231000:00AM – 10:00AM$500 USD$5,000 USD
    17/03/20231000:00AM – 10:00AM$500 USD$5,000 USD
    18/03/20231000:00AM – 10:00AM$500 USD$5,000 USD
    19/03/20231000:00AM – 10:00AM$500 USD$5,000 USD
  7. *During the Promotion Hours of the Promotion Period, the Mystery Bonus will be randomly triggered 10 times per day, $500 in cash per each round with a total daily budget of $5,000 in cash and a total budget of $50,000 in cash for the entire Promotion Period as detailed in the table above.
  8. *All prizes will appear in USD. The winning players will be paid their share of the prize according to the currency of their account in accordance with the exchange rate applicable on the day of payment.
  9. Players that are eligible for the prize will receive a personalized message after the bonus round.
  10. All prizes won will be automatically credited to the players’ wallet instantly within 72 hours.
  11. W88 reserves the right to amend, suspend or cancel the promotion at any time and without prior notice.
  12. General W88 Terms & Conditions applied.


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