Get bonus in crypto usdt if deposit by local currency only for w88 member.

Get Bonus In Crypto USDT – July 2023 Promotion

Get bonus in crypto usdt if deposit by local currency only for w88 member.

If Deposit By Local Currency

Play in W88 with One Currency make double winning, double surprise with Crypto USDT daily.

  1. This promotion program starts on 23 June 2023 00:00:00 (GMT+8) until 22 July 2023 23:59:59 (GMT+8).
  2. This promotion program applies to all members with registered currency USD, RMB, THB, VND, IDR, INR, KRW and MYR.
  3. This promos “Limited Offer”, first come first serve basis.
  1. During the promotion program period, member place bets at A-Sports, C-Sports, BTi, X-Sports, Live Casino Club W & Gameplay Interactive Slots will get the bonus as following details:
    USD 300 USDT 5 2 Times
    USD 600 USDT 12
  1. Member needs to click to “Claim Now” button and provide your USDT member code.
  2. W88 will automatically paid out bonus daily to qualified members who meet all T&C’s and USDT member code provided.
  1. Apply for first 888 members who meet the requirements every day.
  2. Each member can only receive one prize/day, according to the highest prize.
  3. Member can receive the prize multiple times during the promotion program period.
  4. Draw result, both sides bet, voided, cancelled game or bets placed containing selections of odds less than 0.5 or 1.50 (Decimal Odds) are excluded from this promotion program.
  5. The games below are not included in the total bet turnover at A-Sports product: Racing, Live Casino, Arcadia Gaming, Happy five, Virtual Sports, Saba Club (depend on tournament), Minigame, RNG Keno/Lottery, Virtual Games and Number Games.
  6. W88 reserves the right to cancel this promotion program at any time, either for all players or individual player.
  7. W88 General Promotions Terms & Conditions and Terms of Use applied.

Casino tournament v3 promotion, only for w88 member.